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Shift gears from the daily grind and treat your team to an invigorating corporate wellness retreat. Our corporate retreats are crafted to stimulate productivity, innovation, and holistic wellness for the mind, body, and spirit.

Your team will engage in daily team-building exercises, mindfulness workshops, and nutrition-focused meals, alongside a range of wellness activities. Our tranquil and harmonious setting is the ideal escape to disconnect from office stressors and reconnect with each other in a stimulating yet serene environment.

Provide the gift of revitalization and corporate wellness that your team needs with our distinct retreat experience.

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engagement & retention programs

Our Corporate Package is a 12-month employee engagement and retention program designed to prioritize wellness within your organization. It offers a range of benefits to enhance employee well-being, job satisfaction, and team synergy. With private or individual weekly/monthly wellness sessions, employees can experience personalized support virtually or in-person. These sessions cater to individual wellness goals and cover modalities such as yoga, meditation, stress management, and more.

In addition, the package includes two annual retreats that provide employees with transformative experiences, fostering team bonding and personal growth. These retreats can take place in serene natural locations or dedicated wellness centers, allowing employees to disconnect, recharge, and deepen their wellness journey.

To ensure a smooth integration, our program includes an online onboarding component, helping new employees familiarize themselves with the wellness initiatives and resources available. This integration process ensures a seamless transition and immediate engagement in the wellness program.

Furthermore, workshops led by expert healers, teachers, and coaches are offered, covering various wellness-related topics. These workshops provide valuable knowledge and practical tools that employees can incorporate into their daily lives, cultivating a culture of well-being and personal development within the organization.

By investing in our Corporate Package, your company demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, engagement, and retention. Our comprehensive program promotes a positive work environment, strengthens team dynamics, and supports the physical and mental wellness of your employees throughout the year. Experience the transformative power of our 12-month program, where wellness becomes an integral part of your corporate culture, fostering productivity, happiness, and long-term success.


conference enhancements

Our experiences are each custom curated to suit your budget, goals, and intentions. Choose your location, duration, budget, and number of guests.

Custom Experience:

Mix and match your sessions from below. Starting rate for <20 guests:

$2000 - per session per day

  • Yoga: restorative, slow flow

  • Guided meditation session plus integration

  • Conscious movement

  • Tai Chi

  • Yoga Nidra

$3000 - per session per day

  • Conscious Breathwork

  • Pranayama

  • Sound Healing

  • Yoga: Kundalini, Yin, Deep Stretch

  • Bhakti Yoga

  • Manifesting Workshop

$4000 - per session per day

  • Sound Healing & Pan Workshop journey

  • Primordial Sound Meditation with personal mantra and workbook

  • 7 Areas of Life Workshop

  • Mind, Body, Business Workshop


$5000 per session per day

  • Regression Hypnotherapy

  • Hypnotic Sound Journey

  • Reiki Energy Healing

  • Ayurveda Workshop

  • Aromatherapy Workshop

  • Body Scrub Workshop

ALL-Inclusive Packages

Enhance your corporate retreat, meeting, or event with Best Life-ing's corporate curated agendas. Offering you world-class experiences for the mind, body, and soul.


Half day < 20 ppl


from $5,000

*extra $333 pp after 20 ppl

Full day < 20 ppl


From $10,000
*extra $333 pp after 20 ppl


  • Immersive experience

  • Meals 

  • Function Room

  • Custom-curated agenda

  • Various healing modalities

  • Focused on your business or team goals & intentions

  • Professional photo and video memory of the experience

  • 1 private session giveaway

  • Giftbags

Singing Bowl Sound Healing
Yoga Instructor

Example DayCations

1/2 Day Agenda

1:00pm - Introduction, intention settings

1:30pm - Yoga of choice:
Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Budokon, Power, Gentle Flow
2:00pm - Conscious Breathwork
2:30pm - Break

3:00pm - Regression Hypnotherapy & Sound Bath

4:00pm - Recap & Closing Ceremony

Full Day Agenda

9:00am - Introduction, intention settings

9:30am - Yoga of choice:
Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Budokon, Power, Gentle Flow, Kundalini, Bhakti, Yin
10:30am - Break

10:45am - 7 Areas of Life Workshop

11:30am - Free-time for Lunch

12:30pm - Coaching session & sharing circle

1:30pm - Conscious Movement

2:00pm - Conscious Breathwork

2:30pm - Regression Hypnotherapy & Sound Bath

3:30pm - Break

4:00pm - Recap

4:30pm - Closing Ceremony

Other Experiences


Yacht chartering daycation

Experience a luxurious day of team wellness & connection.

Various options based on budget

$4,000 - $15,000

Warrior Two

private sessions

Wellness your way.

Private 1 on 1 sessions

From $222pp/per hour


Massage & spa

Indulgence & ultimate rejuvenation.

From $275 per person


Gourmet Private Chef

Personalized culinary experiences, crafting exquisite meals tailored to individual preferences and dietary requirements.

$222 per person

Image by Toomas Tartes

destinations & adventure

Escape & explore. Gardens, hiking, or beach meditation

$222 per person

Image by Raychan

Car Service

Round trip transfers.


Image by Dan Gold

Restaurant Bookings & Recommendations

Upon request


Unleashing the power

Inspired by CEO & Founder Julia Brodska's #1 international best-selling book.

Best Life-ing brings together healers, teachers, and coaches to provide luxurious custom private healing & wellness retreats, experiences, events, and coaching.

Whether you are looking for an individual, group, or corporate retreat, we will curate the perfect itinerary to your specific goals, needs and intentions.

Any location, duration & intention!

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