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Author, speaker, and entrepreneur Julia Brodska regularly presents her Best Life-ing principles to audiences large and small as she travels the world. She is the embodiment of a woman who lives her dream life. But it wasn’t always this way. Julia was once overweight, buried in debt, and filled with self-doubt. Mentors and positive role models helped turn her life around, and she documents this transformation in her top-selling new release book Best Life-ing.

Julia’s mission is to do for you, what her teachers did for her — inspire, instill confidence, and provide a path to your dream life. Today, she helps young adults and corporate clients do just that. Her meal prep business, Juu’s Kitchen, teaches people how to get healthy using a gourmet meal plan that makes eating clean easy and delicious, and when combined with her exercise plan, will help you lose weight.


Her company Brosell Business Solutions shows corporate employees how to follow the Best Life-ing framework and get the most out of life.
When Julia isn’t running her businesses, you can find her practicing yoga, meditating, rollerblading, or getting her sweat on at the gym.

Our team of diverse experts are knowledgeable specialists that offer the best tools to help you
create life-changing transformations that will lead you to fulfilling your dreams. Whether you are
in Sydney, UK, Canada, or Miami, we invite you to join our Best Life-ing family!

Julia Brodska

Founder, Best Selling Author, Speaker


Julia’s inspiration came from her own experience of being broke, overweight and extremely unfulfilled with life. Her mentors and other authors helped her create lasting change in her life. This ignited a burning desire to help others do the same. Julia believes that we are here to find what we love, master it and help others do the same; there is simply nothing more exciting than helping others win and feel passionate about life.


Monty Aboughaly

Fitness Coach, Professional Boxer, Golden Gloves Champion


Monty’s journey started as an overweight kid who couldn’t get control of his eating habits. He missed many opportunities & experiences in his younger years because he was ashamed of how he looked. Monty decided enough was enough & dedicated himself to creating a health transformation through boxing. Today, he attributes his success to hard work and the joy he feels in helping others make fitness a fun & rewarding experience.

Cydni Jenkins

Lead Trainer, Health Advocate, Professional Actress


Cydni loves to dance, act, and entertain. Her passion for those activities was curtailed when she became ill as a teen with ulcerative colitis. At the age of 18, she decided it was time to
turn her life around. She changed her eating habits, cut out junk food, and began running as a form of meditation. Cydni fell in love with running and entered her first half marathon in 2014.
So far, she has completed three half marathons and raised over $15,000 for CCFA in a full New York City marathon. She prides herself on doing what makes her happy and remaining positive
helps her stay focused on her goals.



Frank Fisher

Healthcare Professional, Fitness & Mental Health Advocate


Frank planned to use his athletic talents to pay for and get into college, and many universities showed an interest in him. But a stream of injuries sent him into a downward spiral of depression, and he started hanging with the wrong crowd. He hit bottom when he got into trouble and had to spend two months in a correctional facility. But this experience forced him to change course. Today he travels the world as a fitness and mental health advocate and healthcare professional. In his spare time, Frank works with at-risk youths and hosts free calisthenics workshops. This is super important to him because it is something that helped him move forward. Frank continues to challenge himself and inspires others to do the same.

Krystle Johnson

Good-Vibe Goddess, Law Student


During college, Krystal played recreational sports like soccer and basketball to help her maintain a healthy weight. After the birth of her daughter, Pariss, she struggled with balancing parenthood with living a fit lifestyle and finding a new career path. She tried everything from
CrossFit to dance lessons to lose the lingering weight she gained in pregnancy and build her confidence. It wasn’t until Krystal resolved to follow her dream to get a law degree while regularly exercising outdoors that her life turned around.


Marilin Rosales

Content Trainer, Business Student


Nearing the end of her teen years, Marilyn was in a bad home environment, turned to alcohol and drugs, and lost her sense of direction. She was on the verge of dropping out of college. However, she decided to change up her lifestyle habits and prioritize her health. Challenging herself through fitness, clean eating, and volunteering, Marilyn has maintained a positive attitude and completed her business degree. Marilyn believes mental health is integral to living a healthy, balanced life. Sometimes, one small change can lead to healthy habits worth keeping.

Emily Saunders

Yoga Instructor


Emily was always considered the happy girl, the one everyone counted on for a positive vibe. On the outside, it appeared she had it together. But on the inside, Emily struggled with being her authentic self instead of the person others wanted her to be. She often felt depressed, like she was in a hole she couldn’t climb out of. Eventually, she sought the advice of a psychologist who suspected her trouble might stem from a physical disorder. After tests and trips to specialists, it was determined that Emily had a treatable thyroid disease. Now, she draws on that experience to advocate the importance of mental and physical health. She wants people to know that it is okay to seek help. Emily discovered yoga, and it became the way she connected with her body and mind to bring her life in balance. She now teaches yoga to help people find their stillness, strength, and inner peace.

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max chesnokov

freelance content trainer/team leader


After Max finished secondary school, he didn’t have any real interest in studying but was pressured by his family to take several accelerated science courses. His heart wasn’t in it and, with no motivation, he ended up failing that year. After reassessing his priorities, he decided to retake classes and discovered he had a passion for the classics and archaeology. Today, Max is a University of Edinburgh graduate. Getting his Master’s degree at UCL led him to travel the world visiting heritage sites and going on excavations. Along with those successes, he has joined the Best Life-ing team to help others achieve the same sense of fulfillment that he enjoys.