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Corporate Event Trends—Creating Wellness

Since the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, gone are the days of sweatshops in America. Now, there are over 180 laws that govern how employees are treated.

With an unemployment rate of around 3.5%, well below the historical average of 5.7%, and positions harder to fill, employers naturally appreciate their employees more. They know they must offer better benefits to attract a stellar staff.

Increasingly, employers recognize that promoting team building, mental and physical wellness, and recognition improves their organizations. According to a Gallup poll, acknowledging the importance of an employee heightens their feelings of worth and job satisfaction.

Corporate owners demonstrate their appreciation of their team by enhancing the worker experience. One strategy that not only does that but also leads to greater productivity, job satisfaction, employee retention, and overall health of an organization is corporate wellness retreats.

These retreats allow for quality time shared by the entire staff, improved communication and relationships, and reduced workplace stress. A study done by WHO showed that retreats that include wellness modalities like yoga and meditation reduce sick leaves taken and health care costs. Beyond the financial benefits of wellness retreats, businesses become happier, healthier workplaces.

As remote work becomes more of the norm, wellness retreats are even more necessary to improve connection and camaraderie within an organization. Retreats typically build meaningful relationships, improve self-esteem, heighten awareness, clarify thinking, promote creativity, relieve stress, identify personal obstacles, objectives, and solutions, and teach tools that boost mental and physical health, all while sharing fun experiences.

Best Life-ing hosts corporate retreats that offer a plethora of wellness services to choose from. Schedule a Discovery Call to explore what would work for your company and fit your team dynamics. You can select your retreat’s location, whether that is on a yacht or a favorite destination. You also decide the duration, services, and budget so your corporate retreat aligns with your wishes. Best Life-ing will add inspiration and guidance to help create a memorable and productive event. Once you decide what you want, they take care of the details.

Some of the healing modalities that Best Life-ing offers are yoga, massage, guided meditation, hypnosis, breathwork, Reiki, aroma therapy, and sound healing. Other amenities include private gourmet chefs, luxury accommodations, transportation services, spa access, and adventurous experiences.

Geared explicitly to corporations are team-building exercises and mindfulness workshops. Additional workshops cover various wellness strategies and teach techniques that can be carried into and enhance each participant’s career and life.

A corporate package can include a 12-month employee engagement and retention program that personalizes one-on-one support catered to individual goals and needs. Annual retreats support the attendee's progress and further elevate your company's transformative experience.

Contact Best Life-ing today for more information on setting up a corporate retreat and lift your company out of the mundane and into the extraordinary.

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