Frequently asked questions

Private Sessions

What private sessions do you offer?

We offer one-on-one yoga, meditation, regression, and sound bowl healing sessions.

How much do they cost?

Except for Regression Hypnosis, the sessions cost $99. You can purchase a package of unlimited private sessions for $1,000 a month.

Do you offer group packages?

Yes, you can book special group rates. Please call (507) LIFE-ING or email for more information.

What is the benefit of a private session?

We offer one-on-one guidance to personalize your experience and address your individual needs.

How long are the private sessions?

Each session varies between approximately one to two hours.

How do I book a private session?

Simply visit to select your session and book automatically.

Virtual Sessions

What do you offer in your virtual sessions?

We offer yoga, meditation, gorup regression hypnotherapy, and breathwork classes virtually.

How much do they cost?

Each class is $10, or you can purchase an unlimited pass for $47 a month with our Gold Membership available at

How do I sign up for a virtual session?

Just visit our events calendar at to see live availability and book the session that you'd like to attend!


What type of events do you host?

Best Life-ing holds various events, including healing retreats, daycation extravaganzas, virtual yoga, meditation, and group regression hypnotherapy. We consistently expand our event opportunities.

Where can I find out more about them?

Visit our website at

What is the typical age of your event participants?

We pride ourselves in hosting customers from all age groups.

How often do you have events?

We hold events monthly. Please check for an up-to-date list of our activities.

What happens at the events?

You will enjoy yoga, sound healing, regression hypnotherapy, meditation, sharing circles, reiki, fitness, and much more.

Group Retreats

What happens at your retreats?

Participants enjoy transformational experiences of love, healing, opening, alignment, and sharing within a high-energy, high-vibrational, and supportive community.

What activities and experiences are offered?

We offer vinyasa and kundalini yoga, regression hypnotherapy, sound healing, reiki, massage, tai chi, meditation, and exceptional meals. Optional activities include nature walks, kayaking, journaling, and more.

Am I required to attend the whole event?

To receive the highest benefit, we recommend joining us for the entire event. However, please let us know if you have time constraints, and we will work with you.

Where are your retreats held?

They are held at the tranquil Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida.

What is the cost?

You can find prices on our website at

What is an ashram?

An ashram is a place of spiritual hermitage or a monastery in the Indian tradition.

COVID Restrictions

We stay up-to-date with the current Florida State Laws and take precautions such as temperature checks, limiting the number of attendees, maintaining sanitizing stations, and following all Ashram/hotel/venue COVID policies.

Private Retreats

What is a private retreat?

Join a private Best Life-ing getaway and immerse yourself in a full-body, mind, and soul pampering experience that melts anxiety and empowers your spirit! You choose from our many services, and we handle everything to create a rejuvenating retreat designed just for you.

What services can I enjoy?

Our private services include yoga, holistic massages, sound bowl therapy, regression hypnotherapy, yoga on the beach, treehouse meditation, breathwork, and more! In addition, every retreat includes healthy gourmet meals that are curated for your taste and dietary needs.

Where will I stay?

You can stay in a private room at the Best Life-ing Manor or our hotel, The Alexander on Miami Beach. In addition, we can bring a private retreat to your home or other location.

How long is the private retreat?

It can be as long or as short as you like, up to a minimum of two days.

How much does it cost?

Packages start at $1,500 but vary depending on the services you choose. Each private retreat is custom designed to suit your needs and healing objectives.

How do I sign up?

Call us at (507) LIFE-ING or email for inquiries.

The Gourmet Guide to Best Life-ing Online Course

What do you teach in your online course?

We offer a complete holistic guide to living your best life, with personal support, to help you live your dreams and do what you were born to do. Do you struggle with weight loss, an ineffective mindset, or lack of motivation? Our course can help!

How long does it take to complete the course?

It takes three months to complete the course. Our content is sent each week so you can learn, practice, savor, and get the most out of the process.

How much does it cost and how can I sign up?

Lifetime access to the course costs $249 through, or you can purchase it monthly for $47 through our Gold Membership offered at Both provide daily live sessions so you can practice what you learn. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Regression Hypnotherapy

What is Regression Hypnosis?

Our regression hypnosis provides a unique path toward growth, healing, and guidance. In the sessions, you can explore your subconscious mind, discover past-life memories, heal from trauma, and align with your purpose. The Best Life-ing practitioners skillfully and gently guide you toward what you seek.

How will I benefit from Regression Hypnosis?

People often find answers to burning questions, learn their true path, and heal as they journey into the spiritual realm through regression hypnosis. This practice is a profound way to tap into your divine power and connect with a more grounded and clear sense of your intuition.

How long is a session?

A session generally lasts from one to two hours. The time varies based on your personal journey.

Can the hypnotist force me to do anything against my will?

Absolutely not. We follow your lead and never suggest ideas, beliefs, or behaviors during a session.

What does it cost?

You can purchase one session for $444, or a package of 10 for $3,500 from

Will I remain aware under hypnosis?

You will remain cognizant of what is happening during the session.

Is there anything unsafe about being hypnotized?

There is absolutely nothing to fear. The experience is relaxing, enjoyable, and life-altering for most people.