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T&C's, Waiver & Cancelation Policy




By submitting any online form at, you authorize ACME to send text messages with offers and other information. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase.

By booking for services online you agree to the following:

1. I hereby acknowledge and agree that Brosell Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a Best Life-ing (hereinafter the "Company") offers a variety of wellness treatments, meditation practices, yoga, retreats, private experiences, packages and activities for use by members and guests solely at their own risk. I understand and acknowledge that the Company makes no claims as to the safety, results or the appropriateness of any program, activity, sports and recreation activity, and/or treatment for any particular individual. Furthermore, I understand that the Company reserves the right to exclude any person from utilizing the Company facilities and/or participating in any activity or treatment at the Company for any reason whatsoever. 

2. I recognize that there are certain inherent risks associated with the above-described activities and I assume full responsibility for personal injury to myself and (if applicable) my family members, and further release and discharge Brosell Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a Best Life-ing for injury, loss or damage arising out of my or my family's use of or presence upon the facilities of Brosell Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a Best Life-ing, whether caused by the fault of myself, my family, Brosell Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a Best Life-ing or other third parties.

3. I understand I have been advised by the Company to consult with a physician before I undertake any physical and/or health-related exercise or activity during the program, activity, or experience. I certify that I am in good health and sufficient physical condition to properly participate in fitness activities; that I am knowledgeable about the proper use of any and the rules of any activities that I will participate in; and that I will carefully read the operating instructions for any fitness equipment, sports and watersports activities, machinery and equipment, prior to use and will operate such equipment in strict accordance with instructions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I warrant and represent that I am in good health and that I am able to use the Company facilities and participate in health/wellness programs and other activities without limitations.

4. I, on behalf of myself, do hereby agree to the fullest extent permitted by law to forever release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Brosell Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a Best Life-ing against any and all claims, causes of action, damages, judgments, costs or expenses , which may in any way arise from my or my family's use of or presence upon the facilities of the Company or from any actions or omissions by the Company or its agents or independent contractors. I further agree to fully release and discharge the Company and their agents and employees from any and all liability, claims, and causes of action from injuries or illness (including death), damages or loss which I may have or which may accrue to me on account of participation in suggested wellness activities. This is a complete and irrevocable release and waiver of liability. Specifically, and without limitation, I, on behalf of myself, hereby release the Released Parties from any liability, claim, or cause of action arising out of the Company’s negligence. I, on behalf of myself, covenant not to sue the Company or its agent sor independent contractors for any alleged liabilities, claims, or causes of action released hereunder.

5. I hereby authorize the Company personnel to call for medical assistance for me or the below-mentioned minor and to transport the same to a medical facility or hospital in the event of an emergency. I further agree to be responsible for all costs and expenses associated with any such medical care and/or related transport and I hereby indemnify and hold harmless the Company of and from any such costs. 

6. I agree to abide by all rules and regulations as may be established from time to time by the Company. I understand and acknowledge and agree that inappropriate behaviour whether verbal and/or physical shall result in the immediate refusal/stopping of the Company treatments/programs or activities. I agree to behave in a safe and appropriate manner at all times. 

7. I agree and acknowledge that I am under no pressure or duress to sign this Agreement and that I have been given a reasonable opportunity to review it before signing. I further agree and acknowledge that I am free to have my own legal counsel review this Agreement if I so desire. I further agree and acknowledge that Brosell Business Solutions, LLC d/b/a Best Life-ing has offered to refund any fees I have paid to use its facilities if I choose not to sign this Agreement.

8. The parties will attempt to resolve any dispute arising out of or relating to this Agreement through friendly negotiations amongst the parties. If the matter is not resolved by negotiation, the parties will agree that the exclusive jurisdiction nd forum for any legal dispute shall be in Miami-Dade County Florida in a court of competent jurisdiction. The prevailing party in any suit shall be entitled to recover its attorneys fees and costs from the non-prevailing party, including any appellate attorney fees. THE PARTIES AGREE TO WAIVE A TRIAL BY JURY IN ANY SUCH ACTION.

The Parties agree that the exclusive remedy in the event of a fee dispute is a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County and I agree not to seek to resolve any disputes by initiating a credit request or chargeback from my debit or credit card issuer or through any payment processor. A breach of this section shall entitle the Company to liquidated damages of $10,000.00 per event, in addition to any actual damages the Company may seek to prove in a legal action.

9. This Agreement shall be binding on my(or the below-mentioned minor's) estate, heirs, administrators, and assigns. If I am exceeding this Release of Liability and Waiver of Rights on behalf of a minor, I warrant and represent that I am the minor's parent or legal guardian.


Photo and Video Consent: During an event, if agreed in the above quote, Best Life-ing’s production crew will be actively taking photos and videos of the event, experiences, and its participants. I understand that my image may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed and waive the right to inspect or approve the finished product wherein my likeness appears. Additionally, I waive any right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of my image or recording.


By booking services online I understand this permission signifies that photographic or video recordings of me may be electronically displayed via the Internet or in other promotional settings.

Publicity Waiver and Release I agree to allow the use of my name, image, likeness, photograph, audio and/or video recordings created on the scheduled event date. I agree to permit photo and video recording and usage without compensation. This usage includes, but is not limited to advertising, publicity and promotional use by Best Life-ing. I hereby grant to Brosell Business Solutions LLC, its affiliates, successors and assignees, and its employees, officers, directors and agents (collectively, “Best Life-ing”), any and all rights to this use, anywhere in the universe and in any format now existing or hereafter created, including websites or other electronic forms or media, without further notice, consent from, or royalty, payment or other compensation to me, until the end of time. In exchange for the intangible value I will gain by being featured in Best Life-ing’s advertising, publicity, and promotional materials, and other good and valuable consideration, I give Best Life-ing my permission for such use and publicity for such purposes, according to the terms and conditions set forth in this Publicity Waiver and Release. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, I hereby irrevocably waive all legal and equitable rights relating to all liabilities, claims, demands, actions, suits, damages and expenses, including but not limited to claims for copyright or trademark infringement, infringement of moral rights, defamation, invasion of rights of privacy, rights of publicity, intrusion, false light, public disclosure of private facts, physical or emotional injury or distress or any similar claim or cause of action in tort, contract or any other legal theory, now known or hereafter known in any jurisdiction throughout the world (collectively, “Claims”) arising directly or indirectly from Best Life-ing’s exercise of its rights under this Waiver and Release and the use and exploitation of the photo(s), and whether resulting in whole or in part by the negligence of Best Life-ing or any other person, covenants not to make or bring any such Claim against Best Life-ing and forever releases and discharges Best Life-ing from liability under such Claims.


I hereby release Best Life-ing and all other parties in interest from any and all present or future claims, grievances, damages and causes of action that I may have arising out of or in connection with such use. I further consent that Best Life-ing and all other parties in interest,  shall have the absolute right and permission to modify, copyright, publish, use, sell, or assign any and all photographic portraits or pictures of me, whether apart from or in connection with written printed matter, story or news items, for trade, advertising or for any other purpose in conjunction with my own or a fictitious name. I hereby irrevocably transfer and assign to Best Life-ing my entire right, title and interest, if any, in and to the photo(s). I acknowledge and agree that I have no right to review or approve any use of my photo(s) before they are used by Best Life-ing, and that Best Life-ing has no liability to me for any editing or alteration of the photo(s). I hereby waive any rights that I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith in or the use to which it may be applied. This Agreement constitutes the sole and entire agreement of the parties with respect to the subject matter contained herein and supersedes all prior and contemporaneous understandings, agreements, representations and warranties, both written and oral, with respect to such subject matter. If any term or provision of this Agreement is invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction, such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability shall not affect any other term or provision of this Agreement or invalidate or render unenforceable such term or provision in any other jurisdiction. This Agreement is binding on and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns. This Agreement provides Best Lie-ing with your absolute and unconditional consent, waiver and release of liability, allowing Best Life-ing to publicize and commercially exploit your name, likeness and other personal characteristics and private information as set out above.


Billing and Payment

ATTENTION: All of our services require preparation time to properly prepare for your private experience booking. Preparations include the booking of therapists and healers, venue, space, accommodation or vessel availability, activities, and session preparation. Due to the timing, and cost of preparations, and to reserve all arrangements in anticipation of your visit, we kindly ask for the following considerations when booking and canceling an appointment. Any itineraries cancelled after booking are subject to a 50% fee to cover incurred booking expenses.


Cancellation Policy At Best Life-ing, your appointments are very important to us. We understand that appointments may need to be changed or canceled. We ask that you cancel your appointment at least 30 days to receive a refund of 50% (Private Experiences, multi-day retreats & events), 7 days (Spa & Soul Days), and 7-days (Group Sessions); in advance. If you do not cancel in advance, you will be charged 100% of your service price for missing your appointment with your on-file credit card on file. We may be able to provide you with a voucher equal to the value of the services purchased to be scheduled at a later date depending on availability. 


No-Show Policy We understand that situations arise and some appointments may need to be changed or canceled within the notice period. If you no-show without notice on the day of your appointment we will charge you 100% of your booked service price. Any adjustments, cancelations, and amendments will be at the clients expense. No refunds are offered after the 24 hour period.Late Policy If you are 10 or more minutes late we may ask you to reschedule your appointment so it will not affect our punctual clients. If we are unable to take you at the time you arrive, you will be charged for 100% of the service that you missed. Credit Card On-File As of August 1st, 2017 we will ask all clients add a credit card on file for our cancellation, no-show, and late policies. Full payment is required at the time of booking to secure the activities and itinerary. A 50% non-refundable deposit is held. In the event a cancelation is needed outside of the late cancelation period Best Life-ing will refund the remaining 50% less the deposit to cover fees and billing hours incurred.


Gift Voucher Policy Gift vouchers purchased can not be returned, no exceptions. Gift vouchers purchased in the past may not cover the new cost of services, as we raise prices due to increased cost from our suppliers. All gift vouchers have a four-year expiration date. We may not be able to look up a gift certificate if the purchaser doesn't add your name at the time of purchase.


It is Best Life-ing's policy that no person under the age of 18 can receive any services without the presence of a parent or guardian. Minors must have parental consent and have a parent or guardian in the room at the time of the service. Ages 16- 17 must have parental consent to receive services. Please be sure to lock all items in your lockers (if applicable). In any event, we cannot be responsible for any lost or stolen items.


Our prices are subject to change at any time.  All groups must come 30 min early and we have a 30-day cancellation policy or will be subject to a fee of 100% of your total group's scheduled services. Thank you for understanding.

Etiquette and FAQS

ARRIVAL: Please arrive at least 30 mins before your scheduled appointment time and not later. New clients will have a form to fill out and a consultation will be done before starting your service. Arriving early will not guarantee your service will start before your scheduled appointment time. Please call ahead to check if your service can be started before the scheduled time. 


SICKNESS AND ALLERGIES: If you show up for an appointment and are sick or getting over a sickness, or show signs of severe allergies, this includes but not limited to coughing, sneezing, and congestion, you will be refused service and will be charged to re-book an appointment.


ROBE AND SLIPPERS: are provided for your convenience in our spa locations.


LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS: Best Life-ing is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please keep all personal items with you or locked in your designated lockers provided for you in our spa locations.


CELL PHONES: Please leave cell phones on silent or vibrate as to not to disturb your service or experiences (if applicable).


LATE ARRIVAL: We understand that it can be difficult at times to arrive on time for appointments and sessions. Please call and let us know if you will be late. We will try our best to accommodate you; however, out of respect for other clients’ time, we cannot guarantee the full service time if you are late. We will do what we can in the time allowed.


PRODUCT RETURN POLICY:   Products purchased online must be returned within 2 weeks, with the full value refund. Products must be in original packaging and good condition, It is at the discretion of Best Life-ing as to the exchange of used products and their exchange value. All returns must show receipt of purchase if Best Life-ing is not aware of the client’s product purchase.  Please call or email immediately, if you have any concerns or issues with the products you purchased so that Best Life-ing can address any product issues quickly. Please call or email if you can not return a product within 2 weeks.


GIFT VOUCHERS: Expiration is 4 years from the purchase date.  Gift Vouchers are not redeemable for cash, and are non-refundable. Gift Vouchers must be present at the time of service.


PACKAGES: All Packages purchased are not redeemable for cash, are non-refundable and are non-transferable. Packages must be used by the expiration. 


PAYMENTS: We accept all major credit cards. We do not accept personal checks or traveler's checks. Cash is accepted but you must have exact change. Best Life-ing does not have a cash drawer and will not provide change.


GUEST: Any person under the age of 18 cannot receive any services without the presence of a parent or guardian. Minors must have parental consent and have a parent or guardian in the room at the time of the service. Ages 16- 17 must have parental consent to receive services.


TREATMENT ROOM POLICY: Only the client receiving a service is allowed in the treatment room at the time of service. There are no exceptions.


WHEN RECEIVING SERVICES: Best Life-ing wants you to relax, and enjoy your service. It is important that the Healer is able to focus on your service and needs. Best Life-ing prefers you to leave your child/ minor at home. This is for their safety as well as the safety of everyone in the treatment room.


Services: Unfortunately, for spa services, private retreats/experiences, and even agendas we cannot accept any refund request, all services (including spa packages) purchased, booked, or completed services are final and non-refundable. You may be able to exchange for another service of equal or less value if requested to exchange before 30 days of the booked appointment or you may request 50% refund. Services cannot be refunded because of concerns or expected results. We are committed to assisting our guests with all their concerns and shall advise for correction in post-treatment, event or experience protocol and regimen to be followed. It may require a follow-up visit for a free consultation and resolution process.

​For All Events

This policy applies to all circumstances including any COVID-19 related reasons such as: transportation disruptions and cancellations, border closures, travel visas being declined, illness, travel or health advisories and quarantines. COVID-19 and its consequences are no longer unforeseen thus our extended support has ended. In special cases we may be able to offer transfers of ticket holders

All participants acknowledge that changes in itinerary, location, content, host or other arrangements may happen with little or no notice before the event date, in response to reasons including but not limited to: weather events, security events, closed borders, public health scares, host or team sickness or injury. Best Life-ing reserves the right to do so at any time, although we will make every attempt to make decisions jointly with the participants. 

It may be necessary to cancel an event for reasons beyond our reasonable control. If Best Life-ing is required to cancel an event (other than expeditions), we will offer you the choice of either: (a) a refund for the paid amount minus a 10% transaction and administrative charges; or (b) credit for a future event of your choice subject to availability, to be used within 12 months from the notice, up to the original ticket value.

In such cases, our liability is limited to refunding the fees according to the policy above for the affected event. Beyond that, we shall not be liable for any costs or loss resulting from changes or cancellations as a result of an event outside our reasonable control. 

We reserve the right to return the payment and refuse acceptance of the booking at any time, for any reason, at no penalty to us. 

Any refund due, once approved, will be issued within 30 days of receipt of the cancellation notice to your original payment method, which usually show up in 3 - 5 days.


Our contact details can be found in each booking confirmation email or on the ticket. To submit a request to change or cancel your booking, please email us with the order number and other booking details. If you have any other questions, contact us.


PLEASE NOTE: It is at Best Life-ing's discretion to stop service or refuse service, if the service provider feels unsafe, mistreated, or harassed (verbally or physically) by a client, or if the service is not appropriate for the client, depending on the client's information provided at the time of consultation, medical history, injuries, or composition. No refund can be issued in this case.

Our devoted team of healers, teachers & coaches are dedicated to curate the perfect experience for you. Fully immerse yourself in the therapeutic practices we have to offer. Perfect for growth, healing, alignment, transformation, and the relaxation you deserve!

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