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The 7 Areas

of Life



Create inspirational friendships

Your closest relationships have a huge impact on your health, happiness and state-of-mind. Do yours serve you or drag you down? With Best Life-ing, you’ll learn how to attract happy, inspired and fulfilled people into your life, forgive your enemies and free yourself from anger, hate and resentment—so you can become your best you. Build your social confidence and boundaries with our online or in person coaching program at one of our wellness centers.


Realize vibrant health

Look sexy. Feel amazing. And still eat the delicious foods you love. Discover the weight loss method founder Julia Brodska followed to lose 30 lbs in a single year. There’s no restrictive diets or doing exercises you hate. Instead, Best Life-ing helps you design a routine and diet that works for you—so you can feel energized, eat well and love your body. Start your health journey with a private retreat on online course experience.



Align with your life’s purpose

Stop the endless search for answers. Discover the inner peace that awaits you right now. When you connect with your spiritual side, you align with a higher power. Life starts to fall into place as new opportunities appear and your world becomes effortless. Best Life-ing will teach you how to quiet your mind so your inner voice will illuminate the path to your dream life. Go deeper into your spiritual practice with our healing experiences or private retreats virtually or in-person at one of our wellness centers.


Unlock your limitless potential

What if your biggest wish could come true? What if you had a roadmap to your dream life? What if you could get there faster than you ever imagined possible? You can have it all. An abundance of clarity is at your fingertips. You just need to learn how to tap into your Intellect’s true potential, and Best Life-ing will show you how. Go deeper into your learning journey on any subject with an all-inclusive corporate retreat or private healing experience.



Achieve financial freedom 

Get out debt. Break free from living paycheck to paycheck. And realize you are more than your possessions. With Best Life-ing, you’ll discover a new way to think about money and attract more of it into your life—so you can have the freedom to travel where you wish, enjoy life’s pleasures and be in control of your destiny. Change your money mindset and attract abundance with our private retreats and experiences.


Discover your dream job

90,000 hours of your life will be spent at work—one third of your adult life. So doesn’t it make sense to do work you love? With Best Life-ing, you’ll discover the job you were born to do. You’ll silence the haters, critics and skeptics. And reignite a sense of excitement for life as you align with your inner voice and find your life’s calling. Make your dream your job with our coaching program online or visit one of our wellness centers.



Enrich your life with meaningful relationships

Whether you want to find your soulmate, create supportive friendships or make peace with your family members, Best Life-ing can teach you how to foster open, honest relationships with your loved ones. By learning how to nurture these relationships, you can discover a greater sense of happiness, health and harmony in your life. Our private retreats and wellness centers are great for couples who want to grow deeper together and build meaningful soul connections.

#1 International best seller 

LEARN the art of

Discover the secret to overcoming limiting beliefs in our founder Julia Brodska's international bestselling book Best Life-ing, available on Amazon. She guides you through changing your beliefs, offers you a road to resilience, and a pathway to reaching your goals.

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