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our free gift for you!

The team at Best Life-ing was honored to join such an amazing group of speakers, delegates, and organizers at this year's Medical Wellness Congress at the beautiful St. Martins Spa & Lodge in Frauenkirchen.
It was such a pleasure to meet with so many people genuinely interested in helping others and openly sharing their ideas, passions, and dreams for the future.
To this point, we wanted to show our appreciation with a small token from our team, free to use personally or in combination with any of your wonderful products and services.

hypnotic sound journey

Embark on a rejuvenating start to your day with Best Life-ing's Powerful Guided Morning Meditation, guided by our expert sound healer Natalia Morgan, vocalist & engineer KoTo Kaur, and hypnotherapist/founder Julia Brodska.


This holistic practice offers numerous benefits, such as uplifting your mood, enhancing focus and productivity, and reducing stress and anxiety throughout the day. If you often experience morning anxiety or find yourself overwhelmed by your daily tasks upon waking, consider incorporating morning meditation into your routine. The positive effects of this practice can extend beyond the early hours, contributing to improved stress and anxiety management throughout the day.


Morning meditation has the potential to diminish amygdala reactivity, the brain's stress response center, resulting in a more serene and balanced mindset. Embrace the immediate mood enhancement that comes with starting your day mindfully through morning meditation, and witness the lasting positive impacts as you integrate this practice into your daily life."

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