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Five Reasons to Try Guided Meditation

People often complain that they cannot meditate because they can’t stop thinking. However, struggling to stop thoughts is counterproductive to meditation as it can create tension. Instead, allow your thoughts to cross your mind like clouds drifting over the sky. Once you give your thoughts less importance, they tend to diminish.

The speaker in a guided meditation can help you move past nagging thoughts as you focus on what is being said. But, if you still get lost in thoughts that circle your mind away, do not worry. That is normal. Bring your attention back to the meditation when you can. Your subconscious mind will always hear what is said, even if your conscious mind seems a million miles away.

The subconscious mind works well with imagery and positive statements, so guided meditations can give you productive access to this deep state of mind where your memories, beliefs, and habits are stored. For example, imagining your future self as you would like to be while in a relaxed meditative state can make a dramatic impact and help you achieve your goals.

Below are some benefits of guided meditations:

  1. These meditations can take you in new and unexpected directions.

  2. In general, guided meditations are easier to do.

  3. Listening to someone’s voice can be relaxing, encouraging, and empowering.

  4. There are many guided meditations, and you can pick one that aligns with your current situation and what you hope to accomplish.

  5. Guided meditations remind you to stay mindful and focused.

Some goals of meditation are:

  1. To open your heart.

  2. To deepen your understanding of the mystical or metaphysical aspects of existence.

  3. To relax.

  4. To live according to the bigger picture.

  5. To prioritize what is important to you.

  6. To connect to a guide or your higher self.

  7. To improve your life and reach your goals.

  8. To learn to manifest.

  9. To live your best life.

  10. To heal your body and mind.

  11. To heal others.

  12. To become more mindful.

  13. To deepen your connection with others.

  14. To clear your mind and receive guidance.

  15. To make you happy.

  16. To move past traumas.

  17. To unblock what is holding you back from living the life of your dreams.

The benefits of meditation are as vast and individual as the stars in the sky. According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation helps people manage symptoms of high blood pressure, anxiety, heart disease, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, asthma, cancer, sleep problems, chronic pain, and headaches.

There is no downside to meditation. It is enjoyable and rewarding, and it can improve your life.

Best Life-ing offers personalized guided meditation sessions in their popular Serene Escape experience. The professional instructors will devise a unique meditation that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals.

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