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By Rhonda Armbrust

Monty sprung from the corner of the boxing ring, determination and confidence empowering his steps. With impressive speed, he planted a series of blows, and put his opponent down, knocked out in 30 seconds. After the fight, Monty said what happened was exactly what he thought would happen. He crushed it.

A bare-knuckle athlete at 21-years-old, Monty Aboughaly was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. He moved to Miami when he was 15, carrying a passion for fighting that Monty nurtured since he was a young child. He didn’t know how to channel his energy to bring his dreams to fruition, but adversity and challenges led to his answer.

In one of his darkest moments, when everything seemed to go wrong, he met Julia Brodska, founder of Best Life-ing. She convinced him to journal, and they watched the movie The Secret. Julia mentored Monty and helped him develop a positive mindset. He learned that his self-doubt stemmed from false limiting beliefs he held. Monty was inspired by the notion that his success was up to him. He just had to believe it was possible.

A prime example of someone who pushed through tough times, Monty gained from his mistakes and took the appropriate actions to change his life. He focused on his goals, did the work, and soon won the Florida State Golden Glove Championship. After a few years of fighting, Monty remains undefeated.

He doesn’t believe in luck. He believes you must stay on top of your game to be ready to take advantage of opportunities. His success as a bare-knuckle champion was achieved by consistent hard work and belief in himself. Monty’s schedule might scare off the timid. He’ll be the first to admit that his training is intense. He goes to bed at nine, wakes around six, runs in the morning, then works out three times each day. His diet is precise, and for his last fight, he had to lose 30 pounds. “The hardest part was the training,” Monty said, “the fight was fun.”

Not only does Monty keep in shape physically, but he also stays in shape mentally. Two of his favorite strategies are gratitude and visualization. He appreciates the people in his life, like his sponsors and Julia, who have supported him, and he is grateful that the universe provided him the keys to unlock the path to reaching his goals. He is thankful for his body, which is healthy and strong. His sponsors support Monty in every way, and their dedication is central to his success. He returns the favor by putting forth 100% effort and plans to become the bare-knuckle world champion within the next six to seven months. He is on track for doing that.

The reason that his last win did not surprise Monty was that he had visualized it hundreds of times and it happened just as he expected. He zones in on what he plans to do and runs an exact play-by-play over and over in his mind like a movie. Monty uses visualization for accomplishing all his goals, whether it’s buying a new car or winning a fight.

Now Monty is hard at work, preparing for his upcoming fight on September 17th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. There is no slacking for the next bare-knuckle world champion.

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