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According to a survey done in 2021, approximately 39% of the U.S. population believes in aliens and UFOs. That is a significant increase from previous years and indicates a growing acceptance and interest in the topic. And yet, many people are reluctant to talk about their ET or UFO experiences. Frequently, they are met with disbelief, and their sanity is questioned. 

Universe On Earth is a global platform that provides a safe and respectful space for people to share their UFO and extraterrestrial stories. The Universe On Earth team travels the world, gathering information on sightings and real-life close encounters. They aim to learn more about this phenomenon and perhaps uncover why aliens are here and where they come from. It's a place of support, understanding, and honest conversations about aliens and other fascinating mysteries. You can submit your story, stay up-to-date on their events, and find out when their docuseries will be released at

The book The Healing Power of UFOs provides insight into the potential benefits of establishing a relationship with extraterrestrials. UFO researcher and author Preston Dennett reveals 300 cases in which people claim to have been healed by aliens. These healings often involve advanced technologies and energy manipulation, which are beyond our current understanding but have shown remarkable results. 

On Somewhere In the Skies podcast, a woman from Trenton, New Jersey, talks about contracting diphtheria as a child. The doctor did not believe she would live. As she neared death, she was transported to a small room by extraterrestrials and told she would be cured. They guided her into a cylindrical machine where a bright light shone over her. The following day, her mother found her out of bed and playing. The doctor confirmed that she had no signs of diphtheria. This miraculous healing, witnessed by her mother and confirmed by the doctor, is just one of many such stories that defy conventional explanations. 

An attorney in Gainesville, Florida, described how he avoided hernia surgery. In 2001, three gray figures with large eyes appeared in his bedroom. One of them pointed a shiny object at his hernia. Later, his mystified doctor confirmed that the hernia had disappeared. The aliens told the man they were interested in him because his genetic structure might help him live to an old age. 

In 2015, an Air Force officer attended a UFO conference in Irvine, California. He had a torn Achilles tendon, which needed surgery. During the night, his friend witnessed one of the three gray aliens standing over him, injecting something into his leg. When the Air Force officer woke up the next day, his tendon was completely healed. 

An engineer named Victor was traveling across Peru and came to a village. He saw a young boy who had fallen from a cliff and was in a coma and dying from the injuries. The engineer's guide said the people in the region were often in contact with what they called the sky gods, and the boy’s mother was sure they would take care of her son. Shortly afterward, Victor watched a disk-shaped vessel land nearby. A small woman resembling a human walked out of the craft, lifted the boy, and carried him back to the spaceship. A few minutes later, the boy ran to his mother, showing no sign of injury. The alien then invited Victor to tour the craft. She explained that they were trying to heal the Earth but struggled to keep up with the damage humans were causing. After that profound experience, Victor had several contacts with the aliens and began his mission to spread the ET’s message: we must work to save the planet before it is too late. 

George Van Tassel established a center in 1947 to collect and analyze UFO data and interview people who claimed to have alien encounters. He held channeling sessions using meditation to obtain a state of resonance he believed was required to receive messages from extraterrestrials. One of these entities, known as Astar, played a significant role in his work. Astar warned people of the dangers of detonating a hydrogen bomb and promised to try to help humans avoid a disaster. 

I have seen unusual flying objects twice, once in Panama and once in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, I was standing in the yard in front of my house with a friend. We saw an illuminated boomerang-shaped vessel swiftly and silently cross the sky. As it disappeared in the distance, we looked at each other wide-eyed with mouths agape. In Panama, at 3 a.m. I saw a bright white ball of light in the sky over the ocean. I watched the light divide into three lights and form a triangle. Next, eight or nine orbs moved from the triangle and silently crossed the night sky. Several people in Hawaii reported a similar incident. UFO and alien sightings around the world 

Imagine a future where it is widely accepted that aliens visit the Earth, and people are no longer ridiculed when they relay their experiences with otherworldly figures. A future where we know we are not alone in our vast universe and can benefit from establishing a relationship with extraterrestrials. There is evidence that at least some aliens are here to help us and to help save our planet. Let's open our minds and consider the possibilities. Perhaps all we need to do is ask, and a new level of healing and understanding will be within our reach. 

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