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The 21st century brings as many new challenges as new technologies. On our Best Life-ing blog, we share personal stories and information for those seeking a path that rises above the chaos. We invite you to join us on our journey toward a brilliant future teeming with opportunities, fulfillment, joy, and love. 


If something we write resonates with one person, we consider that a success, but we hope to touch as many lives as possible with our words and our hearts. We want to inspire and empower everyone to move into their best life.


Rhonda Armbrust writes most of our blog posts. She is the bestselling author of the Remote Viewer trilogy series, a copywriter, and she is currently writing a new series. Rhonda is a skilled hypnotist and a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist. She has spent her life sharing, practicing, and exploring an array of metaphysical topics and wellness techniques. Her eclectic background helps her pen holistic, uplifting, and informative blog posts about mental and physical health, spiritual growth, and success in the seven crucial areas of life. 


Visit her website at for more information and links to her novels. 

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