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Updated: May 1, 2021

To say these are trying times is an understatement. COVID cases are spiking and the unemployment rate is soaring. You are not alone in struggling to manage your life in a crisis. But you can change a negative situation into a positive one. Where there is a will, there is always a way! If you are not working, you might allow yourself more “me” time or more family time. Turn this pandemic into an opportunity to pursue those dreams and investigate those notions you have left simmering on the back burner. Challenge yourself in some manner. It is empowering to set a goal and then reach it.

Below are empowering activities for you to toss around and see what fits.

1. Meditation

I am a fan of meditation. Meditation enhances your mental, physical, and spiritual health. The way you meditate is an individual choice, so you might experiment with several techniques and figure out what works for you.

Breathing meditation, focus meditation, and mindful walking meditation might be good places to start.

Breathing Meditation

Breathe in through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, then exhale through your mouth with a “hew” sound, and repeat this a few times. Sit quietly between sequences of three or more breaths, or stop and rest if you get dizzy. Start with a brief session and slowly increase the duration of the exercise.

Focus Meditation

In this meditation, you focus your attention on a flickering candle or another object. Concentrate fully on the details of your target, how the light moves, the shape of the candle etc., for as long as you want.

Mindful Walking Meditation

This meditation will positively affect both your body and mind. In mindful walking meditation, as you walk you focus your attention completely on your surroundings. Use all your senses. Think about what you are feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling, and touching. This often leads to a very powerful experience.

2. Career Change

Maybe you crave a career change. There are many online courses to help you make that shift. If money is an issue, there are tons of grants available. Search this site for funding and ideas on what to study:

3. Exercise Plan

If you want to get in shape, maybe lose weight, or just feel better, begin a new exercise routine. Walking is great. It might be beneficial to raise your heart rate a bit by power walking, mixing walking with running, or hiking uphill. If you have children, exercising is a fun way to share a healthy family experience. Using treadmills, rowing machines, or stationary bikes works for many people. Check out thrift stores where you often find them at a lower cost.

4. Read and watch podcasts.

There is an unlimited number of topics to research. Make a list of things that interest you and go exploring. With the internet, books to order online, and a never-ending stream of podcasts, the world is your oyster.

5. Write

Surveys show that 80% of Americans want to write a book. Everyone has a story to tell and everyone deserves to be heard. Begin by putting your story down whether it’s a memoir, action thriller, or non-fiction. Don’t fret over commas or even if it makes sense. You can perfect it later. If producing a novel is beyond your comfort zone, start a journal. Journaling is very therapeutic. Writing about your thoughts and feelings often helps you work through personal issues.

6. Travel

Even traveling can be a challenge now, but there are ways to have safe adventures. Dust off your camping gear, throw it and an ice chest full of food into your car and take off to parts unknown. Short-day drives are a great way to ease anxiety. Ski slopes offer social distancing advantages and fun winter activities.

7. Volunteer

There is almost always someone in a worse situation than you are in. Volunteering is rewarding and takes your mind off your problems. Choose a volunteering opportunity you would enjoy and feel safe doing. Check out what our team is doing to help single mothers and children who are homeless this Christmas due to domestic violence here. Join us, support, or share if you'd like:

8. Build Your Brand

Many businesses are taking advantage of the downtime by enhancing their brand and marketing plans. Hire a design and marketing firm or improve your website yourself, learn how to use keywords, update your email list, post and make new connections on social media sites, write blogs, or be a guest on podcasts. The pandemic will end and life will return to normal. Be ready for it.

9. Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a safe and medically recognized technique for self-empowerment and mental and physical well-being. If you can’t afford to hire a hypnotist, there are dozens of sessions on YouTube for helping you sleep, improving your confidence, reducing anxiety, and assisting you with other issues.

10. Endless Options

There are many empowering things to do. Below are a few more activities to try.

  • Dance. YouTube has tons of instruction videos, or go freestyle.

  • Learn a language. Some apps will teach you.

  • Add to your playlist. And turn up the volume!

  • Get more creative in your cooking. You can find thousands of recipes online

  • Start a garden. There’s nothing like being close to the earth.

  • Connect. Whether via a Zoom happy hour, or calling friends, stay connected.

  • Do you want to learn to play an instrument? No time like the present.

  • Begin a home improvement project. Paint a wall, rearrange furniture, or update your entire house.

Now that I’ve given you a bunch of ideas, and you have entered the no couch potato zone, GET TO WORK ON CREATING YOUR BEST LIFE!

Lost track of your NY resolutions? It’s time to live your dreams. Make 2021 the year your dreams become reality. Best Life-ing coaching will help clear your mind of chaos and clutter. Learn new exercises to center yourself outside of your sessions so you stay calm day when the going gets tough. Ready to start your February Challenge? Sign up for the challenge today and find your purpose.

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