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The Secret to a Miraculous Day

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could regularly create miraculous days? What makes them magical?

woman enjoying sunrise

For me, vacations build the most memorable and miraculous days.

One splendid aspect of being on vacation is that you tend to get out of automatic mode and into mindfulness mode, savoring the moment and the surprises around every bend. No longer are you in your typical routine, waking at a set time, preparing for work, or whatever you usually do. Now your freedom is enhanced, and the world is your oyster. As you scroll through the best things to do in the region you are visiting, your inner adventurer emerges, a playful, charming entity with only your happiness in mind.

wellness retreat

What makes it miraculous when you are on a trip you have worked and planned for?

When I travel, the people I meet and my personal growth are as important as the landmarks I visit. One of the best ways to check those two opportunities off your bucket list is to attend a retreat.

You can meet like-minded people at a wellness retreat and share profound experiences. That is often joyful and heart-opening. You will surely learn something new, and it can be life-altering.

joys of life

there are other ways to make your days miraculous

If a wellness retreat or a vacation are not available to you right away, I like to take advantage of days when I don’t have anything serious to do and call these days “me days.” The freedom to decide what I will do, in itself, makes them miraculous. Sometimes, I like to be spontaneous and go where the forces of the universe send me. Getting into the zone is about letting go and trusting your intuition. Should I go left or right? In the past, these adventures have led me to meet extraordinary people and, in one instance, a talented healer/chiropractor. I went for a walk one day and unexpectedly ended up in his office. We had so much in common that he asked me to work with him, and it became a time of learning and growth for me.

No one should wait for retirement

You are never too young to start checking items off their bucket list. And everyone should have a list of things that make them sparkle. A list that reflects your dreams & goals serves as motivation for you to accommodate them. It can keep you active and push you to do new things. So add to your list whenever you have an exciting idea about some-thing you’d love to experience. To create your list, ask yourself questions like where would I love to vacation, what am I curious about learning, what new activities would I like to try, and what new skill would I enjoy.

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When you have free time, you can review your list for ideas on what to do. Maybe a day trip is in order, a visit to a local museum, art show, or craft fair, or learning something new, perhaps a dance or playing an instrument. Determine what excites you and live out your passions regularly. Don’t be afraid to stretch your boundaries and step outside your comfort zone. As a matter of fact, strive to get out of your comfort zone. Do what you love with gratitude for the miracle that is you and your life.

Best Life-ing offers custom private retreats where you determine the location and itinerary. One unique aspect of these retreats is that you choose who attends. In this way, you can deepen your connections with friends and family that you bring along. These enhanced connections only add power to your ability to manifest miraculous days for yourself. Don't just take my word for it, from the raving reviews Best Life-ing's custom private retreats receive, you will undoubtedly enjoy many miraculous days.

Rhonda Armbrust

Ready to embrace the magic of miraculous days?

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