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Astral Projection: Are These Experiences Real

What is Astral Projection?

Astral projection happens when your spirit leaves your body, and you remain conscious of the ethereal travels. Out-of-body experiences, OBEs, and astral projection are terms often used interchangeably. However, trauma, near-death experiences, and dissociative or neurological disorders can trigger an OBE, whereas astral projection is typically a sought-after metaphysical experience. People report that OBEs and astral projection feel very real, and studies have shown that people accurately recount the activity they witness during an OBE when they are supposed to be unconscious. People often find OBEs and astral projection events life-altering. 

Astral projection sometimes begins with a sensation of leaving the physical body and observing it from a distance. That may be followed by feelings of floating, spinning, or flying. The experience often occurs during the transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. This phenomenon offers a unique sensation of exploring the universe while leaving one's physical body behind.

Astral Projection History

Astral projection, a practice deeply rooted in human history, has left its mark across various cultures. From ancient Egypt to Amazonian societies, Inuit cultures, and the spiritual traditions of Hinduism, Taoism, Judaism, and Christianity, references to astral projection abound. 

In 1983, the CIA compiled the Gateway Report, a military research report on dimensions, OBEs, and astral projection heavily influenced by the work of Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute, author of the Journeys Out of the Body trilogy. The report focused on the practical application of astral projection and was the catalyst behind years of experimentation with remote viewing or psychically spying activities in distant locations. 

The Gateway Report was declassified and released in 2003, except for the infamous page 25. At length, page 25 was publicized and spoke of a spiracle universal hologram similar to the teachings of various religions regarding a holy spirit. Additionally, it emphasized the limitations of left-brain thinking and the importance of a more intuitive, holistic approach to achieving altered states of consciousness. 

The research led to the development of the Gateway Process, which teaches people how to transcend time and space. The CIA’s Gateway Report concludes with recommended steps for attaining heightened awareness using hypnosis, hemi-sync brainwave synchronization, frequencies, and other strategies. It also suggests using REM sleep frequencies to calm the mind and relax the body as a preliminary step towards astral projection, followed by hypnotic suggestions. 

Music, such as chanting or binaural beats, can help achieve astral travel; meditation is considered a portal. Another strategy is to align with a higher vibration and envision leaving your body. Fear tends to hamper the process, so many people find it beneficial to call in protection. 

People have reported feeling free and euphoric, experiencing a powerful buzzing sensation, seeing a silver cord connecting them to their bodies, and moving through walls while astral traveling.

Some of the reported benefits gained from astral travel: 

  • Expanding awareness 

  • Learning your purpose 

  • Removing blockages 

  • Improving sleep 

  • Enhancing healing 

  • Becoming in tune with your mind and body

  • Self-awareness and learning your entire history 

  • Unlocking new abilities

  • Elevating your intuition

  • Healing emotional wounds 

  • Shifting your perceptions 

  • Eliminating the fear of death

  • Reducing anxiety 

  • Connecting with guides 

  • Strengthening psychic abilities 

  • Promoting a fuller life 

Although the Gateway Report and personal experiences validate astral projection, it is difficult to prove scientifically. Is it imagination, or is consciousness leaving the body? Then again, reality is a matter of perception. Taking an astral adventure may answer the question.  

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