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Five Ways to Redefine Your Life

Redefining your life might include changing your image, profession, lifestyle, health goals, or other goals. Sometimes the end of a relationship, a health issue, dissatisfaction with your job, or other circumstance motivates you to make changes.

Our personalities are influenced by how we adapt to childhood situations. Children usually take a path of least resistance that they think is the most effective in the atmosphere they are born into. People develop coping skills, beliefs, and habits in childhood from their environment and the roles they took on. The repercussions of a child’s birth order, role models, and emotional wounds can continue into adulthood. A traumatic or challenging family life can cause a person to take on an identity that negatively impacts their life.

Sometimes people create incidents that support their beliefs and the roles developed as children because that feels familiar. When unhealthy, negative things recur in your life, it may be time to take a deeper look at what you bring on and why.

Through enhanced self-awareness, you gain insight into how and why you react certain ways. For instance, as a child, you may have learned to withdraw when things became difficult in your home. That response may not be the healthiest one. For example, as an adult, you might end a romantic relationship when conflicts arise instead of working things out. A lack of confidence might keep you from pursuing your passions, or if someone labeled you unattractive, shy, incapable, weak, or any other negative characterization, you believed and became that.

Self-awareness can help you recognize unhealthy beliefs, behaviors, and habits. From there, you can begin to redefine your life. Meditation, yoga, breathwork, hypnosis, and other modalities increase self-awareness and offer insight into what you need to change.

Five ways to help you redefine your life:

1. Meditation has existed since at least 1500 BC when it was first documented. It is used for spiritual awakening, stress reduction, and mindfulness. Meditation can help you see things clearly and uncover what drives you so you can make beneficial changes. Guided visualization meditation reinforces your efforts to redefine your life as you imagine yourself as you want to be.

2. Hypnosis suggestions go directly to your subconscious mind, where your memories and habits are stored. The subconscious mind responds to images and supports visualizations of the new you. While in this relaxed state, people often uncover the reason behind their reactions; from there, they can take steps to change.

3. Yoga is one of the oldest wellness modalities. It can help you release pain attached to trauma or a memory stored in your body. With yoga, you become more in tune with your body and mind, which can lead you to make changes in your life.

4. An intuitive counselor can reveal information you haven’t been able to tap into that helps you identify who you want to be and how to redefine yourself accordingly.

5. Holistic retreats typically offer a suite of modalities that help you discover what you want to be and how to get there. Your experience at a retreat might inspire you to redefine your life, then point out the way.

You can become the person you want to become if you believe it. Nothing can stop you when you combine belief with action steps while remaining optimistic and free of worry and fear.

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