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How to Discover Your Life’s Purpose

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

According to Lifeway Research, four out of five Americans believe there is a purpose and plan for every life, and most want to find meaning in their lives.

Often, when people face their impending death, they wonder if they have achieved their purpose. But perhaps it is best to seek those answers before it is too late. How would you do that? Is your purpose what you set out to learn in this life? Is it your career or your passion? Or is it learning to love and becoming your best self?

I often refer to the books by the late psychologist and hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton. While in a deep hypnotic state, his clients relayed information about what happens between lives. He guided thousands of people through what he called the gateway to the spiritual realm, where they described choosing their life and their purpose. Remembering what they forgot gave them a greater understanding and acceptance of their challenges and gave meaning to their history. The understanding hypnosis brings encourages people to fulfill their purpose. It helps them see things clearly so they can establish goals and steps to align with their higher self.

Meditation is another tool that can help determine your purpose. It creates a feeling of peace, reduces stress, and gives you insight into your life. There are many different types of meditation. You can find many guided meditations on YouTube. Mindfulness meditation brings you into the moment as you allow your thoughts to drift across your mind. Mantra meditation involves repeating a phrase or sound, such as OM, to deepen your understanding. Other potent forms of meditation are Vipassana and Transcendental meditation.

I believe that at the core of everyone’s purpose is learning to love. Love is a state of being, an experience of oneness, enhanced by gratitude for the miracles surrounding us. In truth, there is no shortage or lack of love. It is an energy you can tap into. It is an energy you can share once you embrace it. Everyone has the capacity for unconditional love by finding that treasure trove, opening it, and learning to express it. And in the process, loving yourself. Hypnosis and meditation can help you open your heart.

As a certified hypnotist, I have tried various regression hypnosis techniques. Julia Brodska, the owner of Best Lifeing, specializes in regression hypnosis. I found her technique very powerful and recommend it to anyone seeking to learn about and follow their true path. The sessions are relaxing and eye-opening and often bring a sense of joy and peace. Take the next step to enhance your life and learn your purpose and schedule a regression hypnosis session with Best Lifeing.

Rhonda Armbrust

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