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Journey to Serenity: Exploring the Path of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that involves specific movements combined with harmonious breathing techniques and meditation. Yoga means to join, connecting the mind and body with your higher consciousness. It originated in India 5,000 years ago.

There are six main branches of yoga, each having a different focus.

  1. Yaja yoga is considered the classical expression. The goal is to control the mind, let go of the ego, and connect with your true self.

  2. In Jnana yoga, a practitioner gains insight by exploring philosophy, meditation, and Svadhyaya.

  3. Tantra yoga is said to require a guru to learn. It is based on rituals and was a religion followed in India for many years. Focus on the physical body was first introduced with Tantra yoga.

  4. Hatha yoga focuses on the body and its movements and encompasses various styles. The intent is to create equilibrium and a healthy and robust body through stillness.

  5. Bhakti yoga involves devotion and a path toward self-realization and oneness based on a relationship with and surrender to the divine.

  6. Karma yoga focuses on mindfulness, awareness of thoughts and deeds, and selfless service.

Yoga practices have evolved over the centuries. Modern styles typically involve movement using different postures or asanas and breathing techniques done in a relaxed, meditative state. The emphasis is often on exercise, improved flexibility and strength, and mindfulness.

Kundalini yoga combines postures, breath, chanting, and meditations into sets called kriyas. The ultimate goal is to activate the Kundalini spiritual energy at the base of the spine to increase self-awareness. In this practice, the energy moves through and balances the chakras, which leads to enlightenment or Kundalini awakening.

Restorative yoga sessions include poses that are held longer while using props to support the body. This slow-paced technique promotes deep relaxation, stills the mind, and calms the nervous system.

Yin yoga styles involve holding poses and targeting connective tissue to enhance the flow of chi through the body.

Yang yoga is influenced by Qi-Gong and involves flowing movements. It is more active and focuses on muscles and blood flow.

Combining yin and yang yoga styles can be beneficial.

Scientific studies have proven many of the benefits of practicing yoga. Below are some of the positive results of using the various styles of yoga.

  1. Deep relaxation, which promotes stress relief

  2. Increases stamina and flexibility of the body

  3. Improves balance, the flow of chi and clears the chakras

  4. Enhances immunity and health

  5. Lessens pain and inflammation from arthritis and other conditions

  6. Reduces anxiety

  7. Renovates cardiovascular functioning

  8. Eliminates insomnia

  9. Improves posture

  10. Activates areas of the brain that upgrade brain function

  11. Enhances a sense of oneness, love, and peace

  12. Promotes all-around physical and mental wellness

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