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The Benefits of a Wellness Retreat for Your Mental Health

According to the 2023 State of Mental Health in America Report, 21% of adults, or 50 million Americans, are experiencing a mental illness, and over 28 million receive no treatment. Mental Health in America

Although levels of anxiety and depression in the U.S. increased during the pandemic, those levels have not waned. Over 45 million people have an anxiety disorder, and over 21 million adults experience at least one major depression episode yearly. So, if you are dealing with depression or anxiety, you are not alone. But how can we reduce those numbers?

Practicing wellness modalities can ease symptoms and improve your mental health. At a holistic retreat, you can learn about and experience a variety of holistic tools to fast-track finding out what works best for you.

You could begin your retreat with a relaxing massage to get into a proper headspace so you can grow and learn from your adventure. Next, a regression hypnosis session might help nail down what is holding you back from living the life you desire. Regression hypnosis blends well with yoga, meditation, and breathwork. Reiki and sound healing sessions can help you heal physically and emotionally.

How wellness techniques benefit your mental health:

  1. Massage—As a massage therapist and the recipient of many massages, I have noticed a powerful exchange of energy during the procedure that goes beyond the actual physical contact and can be healing on many levels. According to the Mayo Clinic, massage lowers cortisol, the hormone released by the adrenal glands that regulates stress. It also increases serotonin, the feel-good hormone. Massage can relieve stress and reduce or eliminate depression and anxiety. Mayo Clinic

  2. Regression Hypnosis—Hypnosis induces deep relaxation, which quiets the conscious mind to allow access to the subconscious mind where memories and beliefs are stored and thoughts and emotions originate. In this state, the hypnotist can speak to your subconscious mind in a way it understands so you can resolve issues that impact your mental well-being.

  3. Reiki—A Reiki practitioner channels universal energy into your body, which balances or unblocks your energy and opens your chakras. Studies have shown that Reiki improves mental well-being by decreasing stress and depression, enhancing self-esteem, and improving emotional regulation.

  4. Sound Healing—This technique dates back to ancient Egypt and the sound chambers built inside pyramids. Indigenous Australians incorporated didgeridoos into healing rituals, and Tibetan singing bowls have been used for many years to heal. Sound frequencies balance brain function, reduce depression, anxiety, and stress, and ease symptoms of PTSD and other psychiatric disorders.

  5. Yoga—Combining movement with breathing and mindfulness, yoga reduces stress hormones and increases endorphins. Studies of MRI brain scans showed that those who regularly practice yoga had a thicker cerebral cortex, which improves mental acuity. Also, yoga elevates GABA brain chemicals, improving mood and reducing anxiety.

  6. Breathwork—Various breathwork exercises deepen the breath and help you control and use your breath to promote relaxation and mental health. In addition, as you focus on your breath, you practice mindfulness, which is calming and reduces anxiety.

  7. Meditation—This practice trains the brain to return to a relaxed state readily. Research shows that during meditation, the connection between the medial prefrontal cortex and the amygdala, regions of the brain that cause depression, are disrupted, thus reducing depression. And during meditation, the hippocampus's gray matter increases, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Your Brain on Meditation

Best Life-ing can help you custom design your unique private retreat. They offer many wellness modalities and, via a Discovery Call, can help you decide what you want to experience and what will be the most beneficial for you. You can choose the time, place, budget, and location, whether in a spot that calls to your soul or a luxury retreat at the resort locations in Miami Beach, Florida, or Carlsbad, California. Gourmet meals and accommodations are included. Once you decide what you want for your custom retreat, you can relax because Best Life-ing takes care of the details.

The crew at Best Life-ing is known for delivering compassionate, productive, healing, and fun retreats that create balance and harmony in your life. What better way to love yourself than attending a retreat? Yes, you deserve it. So, consider the possibilities and book your Discovery Call with Best Life-ing today! Because nothing is more healing than feeling loved and being pampered.

And, if there is something you are interested in experiencing, ask, as Best LIfe-ing is continually expanding its services.

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