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Unlocking Inner Healing: The Transformative Benefits of Reiki

The word Reiki means universal vital life force. This healing technique originated in Japan and was further developed by Dr. Mikao Usui Sensei. On the 21st day of his fast atop Mt. Kurama, he was spiritually awakened and received Reiki energy. Mikao practiced transferring the energy to himself and his family members with immediate results. In 1922, he established a Reiki institute in Tokyo. He believed people should take an active part in self-improvement and felt it essential to combine spiritual healing with physical and mental healing.

During a Reiki session, universal healing energy is delivered to a recipient via a practitioner's hands, promoting healing by improving their natural energy flow.

Reiki balances the person’s biofield and chakras and facilitates healing. It can reduce stress, promote relaxation, dispel anxiety, decrease or eliminate depression, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, accelerate bone and tissue healing, boost the immune system, and aid pain management. It has been used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, unblock traumatic memories held in the body, and help heal other psychological issues. It is said to work whether you believe in it or not.

I call myself an open-minded skeptic because although I believe all things are possible, I like to search for evidence. Nonetheless, I became convinced of Reiki’s power by experiencing it. After meeting a renowned and respected Reiki Master, I wanted to try it. As I lay fully clothed on a massage table, and he circled his hands above me, a dynamic wave of relaxation moved through my body. I let go of all worry and anxiety. The intensity of that experience turned me into a believer.

The session so enthralled me, and with the encouragement of the Reiki Master, I received the attunement. The rush of energy flowing into me was palpable. I practiced Reiki with friends in need and on myself. Often my hands would shake when they were above an area of someone’s body that needed healing, leaving the recipients feeling renewed. I would encourage everyone to try this incredible modality at least once.

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on alternative healing techniques. Over half of adults in the U.S. have used some form of holistic wellness, and millions of Americans use Reiki every year. People often combine Reiki with mainstream medical treatments to expedite healing and relieve side effects. Integrative wellness facilities are opening in hospitals where modalities such as Reiki are used.

There are over a million Reiki practitioners worldwide, and it is a growing profession. In a Reiki attunement ceremony, a sensei helps a student become balanced, open their chakras, and align with the universal life force. After an attunement, a Reiki practitioner can direct the vital essence to aid a recipient’s health and well-being. There are no reported instances of harm or adverse side effects from a Reiki session.

Best Life-ing offers a 75-minute Reiki treatment that begins by inducing a meditative state. Next, a Reiki Master channels the healing energy to balance your mind, spirit, and body and promote holistic wellness.

Contact Best Life-ing for more information about their Serene Escape Reiki treatments that include access to the spa for an entire day at their resort locations in Carlsbad, California, and Miami, Florida.

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