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Escape the Stress of the City With a Rural Wellness Retreat

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Where would you dream of going for your custom wellness retreat? With Best Life-ing, you choose the location, either at their resorts in Miami and San Diego or a spot you love, rural or otherwise, and they will tailor-design an adventure that matches your time frame, budget, needs, and expectations. Then, they will join you there with a staff that may include a masseuse, masseur, yoga instructor, sound bowl healer, hypnotist, guided meditation leader, and others who will share their healing modalities. The retreat includes gourmet meals and fun activities to make the event spectacular, versatile, and balanced. See the Best Life-ing Retreat Options here.

Based on my travels, some of my dream spots for a magical rural wellness retreat are below.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Voted America’s most fun small town, Glenwood Springs is known for having the world’s largest hot springs pool. There is an Olympic-sized pool and a smaller and hotter pool. Other activities in the region are hiking the majestic Rockies, white water rafting the Colorado and other rivers, caving, and swinging over the canyon at Adventure Park. Mt. Sopris, the largest mountain mass in Colorado and one the Ute Indians worship, floods the region with supernatural energy, heightening your frequency just by being there.

The Valley, as it is called, from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, offers an unlimited array of rural venues where Best Life-ing could set up a holistic retreat.

Ilha Grande, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazilians might love to keep their treasures a secret, but I will let you in on one of them: Ilha Grande, AKA Paradise. It’s a four-hour drive from Rio de Janeiro, then a water taxi to the island, or you can charter a helicopter and arrive in about an hour. Much of this peaceful island is powered by alternative energy, and no cars or roads exist. You will likely spot turtles while snorkeling, and the seafood is “excellente.” This grande island offers hikes through jungles to mountain peaks and waterfalls, and water taxis transport you to all the surreal beaches framed by warm, crystal-clear water.

Banff, Canada

Most people have heard of Banff and Lake Louise, where it is said that unexplainable things happen. But have you heard of Moraine Lake? It is often described as the world’s most beautiful lake. Nestled in the Valley of the Ten Peaks, 43 miles west of Banff, lies one of the most visited spots in Canada. Sometime in June, hiking trails open, and Moraine Lake’s water level rises and the lake turns an azure blue.

Since accommodations are limited near the lake, overnight stays at Lake Louise or other Banff National Park venues are recommended. In addition, the quaint town of Banff offers several suitable resorts for a wellness retreat, plus the Banff Upper Hot Springs pool.

Sandpoint, Idaho

Voted America's most beautiful small town, Sandpoint, Idaho, with a population of 9,000, rests on the shores of Idaho’s largest lake, the 148 square mile Lake Pend Oreille. The Selkirk Mountain Range borders Sandpoint to the northwest, with Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort 12 miles from town. Boating, swimming at City Beach, hiking, and skiing are popular activities. Many lakeside house rentals, hotels, and resorts would be a perfect setting for a wellness retreat.

Pearl Islands, Panama

Fifty miles southwest of Panama City in the Pacific Ocean are over 200 islands in the Pearl Island cluster. A tourist favorite is Contadora, with over 13 pristine, white sand beaches and warm, teal water. To get there, you can either charter a private plane in Panama City for a 15-minute flight or take a ferry on a 90-minute ride. The island offers restaurants with local flair, and the 250 residents are friendly. Contadora is favored by the rich and famous, and visitors have included John Wayne, the Shah of Iran, as his place of exile, Julio Iglesias, and the Kennedys. Also, it was the setting for the show Survivor.

Destinations for a rural wellness retreat are endless. The Best Life-ing crew has hosted retreats in Costa Rica, Carlsbad, California, an Ashram in Florida, and other locations. So, let your imagination guide you to a unique haven where you can raise your awareness, enhance your manifestations, and be showered with loving care, leaving you refreshed and eager for your next adventure.

Book a discovery call with Best Life-ing to explore your custom rural wellness retreat options.

Rhonda Armbrust

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