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Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Science has proven that excess weight affects every system of your body. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces your risk for chronic diseases, it can increase fertility and libido, improve sleep, emotional well-being, and mobility, and give you more energy.

There are many diet plans you can choose to follow. A Paleo diet is based on foods in their natural state instead of processed foods and includes meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils. The low-carb, high-fat Ketogenic diet is designed to burn fat instead of carbs. Another option is a vegan diet, the strictest form of vegetarianism, and prohibits eating meat, dairy, or eggs. Intermittent fasting is not about what you eat, but when you eat. There are a variety of ways people approach it, such as restricting your eating period to eight hours, then fasting for 16.

When you have a busy lifestyle, unhealthy food options are far too easy to fall victim to. Processed fast foods are weight and health enemies. While you are trying to lose weight and you have to eat out, choose healthy, low-calorie items such as salads or smoothies.

Do you struggle to maintain a diet because you are always busy? Have you tried to lose weight only to regain it again? Are you sick of bland diet programs? Best Life-ing may have your answer.

Julia Brodska, the founder of Best Life-ing, is a master of dieting on the go. Her meal prep business was the first company she started. It all began when she wanted to lose 30 pounds, but her hectic schedule hampered her progress. She studied gourmet cooking and devised multiple delicious and easy to prepare recipes she made in advance. All of her coworkers wanted to buy the low-calorie yet flavorful and healthy meals she brought to work. And she couldn’t say no. The rest is history.

If you want to lose weight and prepare your own meals, I recommend you get one of Julia’s recipe books, earmark a few hours a week to cook, and follow her example. Especially if you are a busy person. By having your food prepared in advance, you can focus the rest of your time on achieving your goals.

Better yet, if you live in Dade County, Florida, visit our website today and sign up for the Best Life-ing meal prep service. Your body will thank you. We provide custom meal plans. You tell us your likes, dislikes, and allergies and we’ll do the rest. Your personalized menu is built under the careful guidance of our nutritionist. We hand-pick all of our quality ingredients, striving to use as many organic and non-GMO products as we can find, then our talented chef prepares each meal with dedication. This program’s bonus options include a fitness coach and free copies of our recipe books. We vary the menus so you never get bored with our meals. Why suffer through a diet of bland, unsatisfying food when you can make losing weight enjoyable and easy? Best Life-ing Meal Prep Service

If you live outside of Dade county, google meal prep companies to find one that services your area. recommends several. Meal Preparation Companies

The key to losing weight is to consistently eat less and exercise more until your weight has melted away. There is nothing as rewarding as watching that number shrink on your scale!


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