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Updated: May 1, 2021

The past year will go down in history as one of turmoil across the globe. Despite a pandemic that has left no stone unturned, 2020 gave people a chance to reevaluate their priorities, and perhaps make positive changes in their lives. Some people had more time to themselves, or with children, friends, and other family members. How many of your relationships have deepened? Did you let go of anyone who wasn’t beneficial to your well-being?

I like to say, “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” Right now, most of us are out of our comfort zone. However, humans are extremely adaptable. One way to adapt to adversity is to accept some discomfort and squeeze the goodness out of it. It has always been my philosophy to turn negative experiences into something positive. This might not be easy for everyone right now, but I encourage you to try.

Each person’s journey through 2020 has been different, with challenges and lessons learned along the way. I believe that on a spiritual level we are here on Earth to mature and progress. Now that the year is over, we can examine the previous months and see what we gained. Often, we learn the most from the hardest experiences. Last year brought lessons to everyone, regardless of whether or not they recognize them. What did you gain?

I gained a broader appreciation of the elements in life that make a difference. Things I used to take for granted sometimes. Now I value, even more, the people around me and feel blessed at every opportunity to connect in some way. Also, I gained a deeper appreciation for my body that furnishes me with health as it pumps my blood, breaks down the food I eat, prompts my muscles to carry me, and all the other functions it does every second of the day. Your body is your friend. It is truly your temple, and you must take very good care of it.

Throughout the past year, many acts of kindness inspired me to tears. Despite some divisions we faced, people really pulled together in heartfelt ways. Heroes and heroines came forward in all shapes and sizes, from the friendly mailman who, each day, danced with the little girl standing inside the window, to every medical professional, nurse, doctor, and attendant who took care of us.

Now, it is time to go beyond this challenging year and proceed fearlessly forward. Our dreams, daydreams, hopes, and plans can be brought to fruition. Anticipate with joy and hope, the end of the pandemic coming soon. It will not be here forever! Let’s package all that we learned last year into a new and improved mindset for the months to come. Life will inevitably return to normal. And what a relief that will be.

If you feel that 2020 halted your plans, you might be more motivated than ever to pursue your dreams. Your first step is charting your course. You can use my book, Best Life-ing, as a guide to gaining fulfillment in the seven crucial areas of life: financial, spiritual, relational, vocational, physical, intellectual, and social. This can create balance in your life that will help you achieve your goals. I promise there is something within the pages that will resonate with you.

I want to challenge you. Dig down deep. Go into your heart space. Think about how you have changed during the last year and what you learned. Are you proud of your actions or should you make adjustments? Now is your chance to do that. Set your plans. Get ready to take off, like a racehorse at the starting gate.

Here are some action steps that you can do right now:

  1. Figure out what your dreams are for each of the 7 crucial areas of life. What you want for yourself, not what someone else thinks you should have. Get clear on where you are, your ideal vision for all seven areas of life, and your big reason to chase your dreams. Why do you want it? And why do you want it for others? Get a dream book and put your dreams down on paper. This action will help you commit to pursuing your dreams and give you a visual reference to keep you on track.

  2. Make sure your dreams and goals align with your personality. Write down at least 105 reasons why you want to achieve your dreams. Write 105 reasons how your dreams will impact others. You need a big enough why to push past the inevitable obstacles ahead. Creating this list may take a few days.

  3. Do one thing a day to improve each of the seven areas of your life. Use your 168 hours a week wisely. Remember, one small action toward your goal each day is 365 actions a year. But whatever you do, don’t stress when you don’t always achieve it. Your plan is just your guideline.

  4. Different priorities pull us in different directions. But the clear vision of your ideal day makes it easier to follow and restart when you don’t feel aligned. Write out the perfect day for you and try to live it as much as you can.

  5. Celebrate the small wins and don’t punish yourself when you mess up or have other priorities. Get present. Be happy now. Use positive self-talk to recognize your accomplishments, instead of focusing on what you didn’t complete. Celebrate everything.

  6. Stay determined and focused on your mission. Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you. Everything is either an opportunity, distraction or lesson—put it in the right place.

  7. Every “no” is a detour to a greater “yes.” A “no” is not a letdown. Review your progress as often as you can. This could be daily, weekly, or a few times a week. Go easy on yourself. Life is supposed to be fun, and the journey is supposed to be full of excitement.

  8. At the beginning or the end of your day, think about three things you are grateful for. Here are some examples: I am grateful for every moment that challenged me and made me stronger. I am grateful for every mistake that became a lesson. I am grateful for every heartbreak that made me seek a better tomorrow. I am grateful for every person from my past and the magic they brought into my life. I am grateful for all of the things and people that are part of my life today.

Opportunity awaits you. It is called 2021. A year when life will return to normal or follow an improved path if you choose it. The bottom line is that it is all up to you. I suggest you go for it. Move forward with the assurance that tomorrow is a new day and that 2021 will heal all of us in powerful ways. Want help? Book a free clarity call with one of our Best Lifers today, where we will help you create a solid strategy for 2021 to make it the year that your dreams come true!

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