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Updated: Jul 5

By: Rhonda Armbrust

If you took a deep dive into what your priorities are, you might notice they differ from what they should be. Are your time and energy spent working, paying bills, and trying not to go crazy in the process?

Consider what INC. magazine claims the top priorities of successful people are. Inc. Magazine

The list does not include increasing quarterly revenues. Instead, the focus of successful people is on healthy pursuits such as building compassion, creating balance, spending time in nature, and engaging in self-development practices.

Holistic rejuvenation retreats provide experiences that dramatically enhance your life in all of those spheres.

Ashrams are one of the best places to go for wellness retreats. These frequently emphasize yoga, as in the Indian tradition, and meditation.

Most ashrams are nestled in natural settings with schedules that include meditation, yoga, meals that may be vegetarian, and other holistic options. Ashrams usually offer accommodations.

Retreats in ashrams deliver unforgettable experiences that usually change people in positive ways. Awareness and well-being are heightened and fatigue conquered. According to studies, retreats can lead to enlightenment and a sense of oneness, clarity, and wonder.

Imagine leaving your hectic life behind as you enter an ashram where a sense of soothing calm washes over you. You might feel as if you have come home. Take in the sweet scent of flowers and the aroma of fresh, wholesome food prepared for you. Note the birds and butterflies happily flitting from branches of the luscious vegetation surrounding you as your daily distractions melt away.

Awaken to the rejuvenation you experience during yoga sessions and meditations. Let go of limiting beliefs and learn about your ancient past via a regression hypnosis session. Allow the music of singing bowls to uplift you as tension fades from every muscle in your body, and you are reborn.

Ashram retreats promise wondrous adventures that everyone deserves to have, and they can elevate your frequency, taking you to the next level where peace and clarity guide you.

Looking for the perfect retreat? Oct 1st-3rd 2021 Ashram Kashi, Sebastian, FL. Check out the Best Life-ing Rejuvenation Retreat

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