What is Regression Hypnosis, and What Can it Do For You?

Rhonda Armbrust


Dr. Michael Newton (1931-2013) is often considered the father of regression hypnosis. He was an esteemed doctor of psychology, a master hypnotherapist, and the director of a mental health center and a spiritual renewal organization. He founded the Society for Spiritual Regression, now called the Michael Newton Institute.

During a hypnosis session, one of his clients visited the soul realm before her current life. Dr. Newton was intrigued, and he went on to develop his regression technique and hypnotize 7,000 clients in this manner. He wrote three best-selling novels, Life Between Lives, Journey of Souls, and Destiny of Souls. In the books, he discusses many cases where he used hypnosis to guide people to what he termed the gateway into the spirit world.

Dr. Michael Newton Interview

The interest in regression hypnosis has snowballed over the years, and other techniques have evolved. The sessions help people resolve issues from this life or before this life and answer many big questions about our existence.

Regression hypnosis might help you uncover the root cause of a problem. Once it is unveiled, the problem often loses its power over you, and you begin to heal. For example, after a painful breakup, you might learn that the experience was designed to teach you something. Maybe you wanted to learn to let go. Perhaps you needed to practice self-reliance. You might examine a traumatic event and release its hold on you and move on.