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Updated: May 1, 2021

Living fearlessly takes a decision and an effort, especially in a fear-filled world. There is no shortage of things to be afraid of. If you don’t believe me, just watch the news. On the other hand, don’t. We are here to live fearlessly.

Fear is typically a mindset based on a belief. And if you have read my book, Best Life-ing, you know it is about overcoming limiting beliefs. For our purposes, let’s assume that fear is mostly a limiting belief. Granted, sometimes fear can spur you to protect yourself from something dangerous, but aside from those very rare occurrences, it is just a limiting belief.

Happily, I’ve never had to rely on fear to save me from anything. But frequently I’ve had to overcome fear to do things I wanted to do. I’m the opposite of an adrenaline junky. I like my life mellow. However, sometimes I want to try something new.

Photo credit: @the.tangled.zen

As I lowered my body into the Great Barrier Reef, I was petrified. I would soon leave Australia, and this was probably my last chance to see this natural wonder. There were potentially things to fear in this scenario, like sharks and lack of oxygen, but I really wanted to experience this, and I had decided that my fear would not stop me.

Am I ever glad I went for it! As my body grew accustomed to the setting, the fear wore off and a pleasant stillness overtook me. This adventure was pure magic! And one of my most memorial life moments. I’m so happy I took the plunge.

Facing your fears is a true concept. When we face them, eventually the fear fades, we gain confidence from overcoming something, and can then take on bigger challenges knowing that we will be okay.

If your fears are deep-seated phobias, they might take more work. But it is each person’s responsibility to be in charge of their own mental health. And there are coping strategies to help you. You can try hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, therapy, and/or exercise. You can bring along a friend or a pet for encouragement when you face a fear.

Working on maintaining a mindful way of life is immensely helpful. Use the mantra: right here, right now, everything is fine. It usually is. Some of the worst disasters only play out in our minds.

What I advocate is living your best life. That life won’t materialize from the clouds or happen accidentally. First, you must decide what you want. To live in fear or not to live in fear. This is what this is all about. That is the question.

If you keep your mind in a calm space, you can accomplish almost anything. Determine what helps you remain on top of your game. Below are some ideas.

First, don’t sweat the small stuff. Petty disturbances pass swiftly, so why waste valuable time dwelling on them. Move on.

See problems as challenges and lessons, then brainstorm solutions. As you learn, you grow in confidence, strength, and wisdom.

Use diversions. Whatever works for you. Like walking, exercising, meditating, dancing, singing, painting, going for a drive, gardening, shopping, organizing, reading, bathing, playing a game or with a pet, laughing, spending time in nature, or watching a movie. Build your own personalized basket of coping skills to keep on hand in case you need them while you are facing a fear.

Express gratitude daily. It has been proven that thinking about what you are grateful for releases feel-good brain hormones. That will give you power.

This very day I want you to make a list of the things that fear is stopping you from doing. Maybe fear keeps you from approaching members of the opposite sex or from changing your career. Be honest. Then go through your list and pick out the one fear that you most need to overcome to live your best life. Facing a fear such as initiating a conversation with someone is just as important as overcoming a fear of heights to go skydiving. You should feel proud of yourself ANYTIME you gain forward progress.

Take this exercise one fear at a time. Decide that you are going to face a fear in some way, small or large, then do that. Walk up to that attractive person and say, “Hey, how’re you doing?” Then try it again if necessary. When you have achieved some level of success with facing and overcoming fear, reward yourself! You deserve it. For more ideas on how to achieve this check out our book Best Life-ing.

We all can live fearlessly in this world. It is usually not as scary as it is made out to be. Remember: right here, right now, everything is fine, because most of the time it is.

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